My highly talented brother DJ Daredevil & world champion of everything DJ Tigerstyle made a couple of very dope team sets for the dmc championships a few years back, & criminally didnt get very far, so not many people got to see them, check the dopeness...

classic mixtapes!!

check out - dude has a stack of 'em, & even takes requests in his shoutbox, perfect for obssesive completists like myself!!

New MF DOOM track

download here

Unnoficial ‘protect ya neck’ video

No Fuss @ The Westbury on the 30th

for more info check the facebook event page here

Prose interview on

My crew gets some online shine, read the interview here, and check the prose myspace site here for some of that real hip hop shit!!I'm currently recording cuts for the nearly-finished full length album, for now get the mixtape from suspect packages, mixed by myself, just click here.

Download my new mix!!!!

I just finished a new short (23 mins) mix to help promote one of my resident nights, no fuss.The mix reflects the sort of sets I drop down there, so it's full of party hip hop, reggae & a lil smattering of drum n bass, & features plenty of exclusive blends/edits & turntable trickery- cop it here.The next No Fuss is on 13th December, at 93 feet east members bar, Shoreditch (upstairs, & open to the public for these nights) - also doubling as my...


If you didn't know already, The Boom Bap Bootleg Mix CD by Prose, the heavyweight hip hop duo of producer Steady & Efeks on the mic (& myself on the decks) - is available now from suspect packages for £4.99 , you can preview tracks & make a purchase here.If your one of my cheap skanking friends then get at me via - & I might let you off a few pennies, you tight gits!

This month i have been mostly listening to….

There's been a fair few dope hip hop albums released in the last few weeks, so I've decided to deliver an end of the month wrap up, be sure to check out: Kid Kanevil - 'Back off man, I'm a scientist' - the heavyweight Leeds based producer delivers more top quality goods - I've been caning the single 'Black Bug' - join his facebook group here to download his first lp for free, you won't regret it!!Q-tip 'The Renaissance' -A new Qtip LP? say no...


My good friend Alex put me up on this documentary film made back in 2005, but despite much film festival attention this managed to slip my radar. It follows a platoon of American soldiers deployed in the Iraq city of Falluja in 2004, shortly before it was pretty much wiped out, & is one of the most thought provoking films I've seen in a while, check it out!!you can watch it on youtube, part 1 is here, and follow the youtube links on the right...

Dj Matman, Daredevil & Tigerstyle Live on Diesel-u-music radio

I have yet another live radio show for you to download, this time featuring dmc/itf/vestax champs Tigerstyle & Daredevil - No tracklisting for this one, but I kick things off with a 15min selection of heavily chopped funk & disco breaks, & we go on to showcase plenty of tracks by ourselves & our affiliates, so theres a tonne of exclusive material for you.We had a few technical difficulties along the way, but had a wicked time anyway,you can download it here. (zshare is under...

DJ Matman & DJ Druskillz live on diesel radio

Hi people, & welcome to my new new blog, where I will endeavour to bring you plenty of free mix downloads (I'm aiming for at least once a month), info on forthcoming releases/projects, & plenty of links to music-related dopeness or just random crap i come across...To kick things off I've uploaded a set myself & DJ Druskillz performed live for dieselumusicradio last night, we had a great time up in there, & played a tonne of fresh hip hop along with a couple of...