Basement Sessions x Hype Dog present The Headspace Mixtape Volume 1 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The Headspace mixtape series is a collaboration of minds between the Basement Sessions podcasts and online Hip Hop community and the Hip Hop Hype Dog blog alongside UK Hip Hop Mixtapes.

The idea of Headspace was to create a project that mixes well known names with up and coming talent. All of the artists involved represent the positive and united UK Hip Hop scene that both Basement Sessions and Hype Dog are working towards.

Big shout out to Hype Dog & co. for their relentless support of everything we’re doing here & for the English hip-hop community in general. This is one dope collection of UK tracks that represents many of the best artists doing it right now on these shores – cop dat shit!!

Download the 32 track mixtape for FREE here:


01. JVF Clique – Headspace Intro
02. K.I.N.E.T.I.K. – It Ain’t Hard To See f. Jamieson
03. Asaviour & IQ – No Days Off f. Sir Smurf Lil (Akira Kiteshi Remix) (Headspace Exclusive)
04. Fallacy – Rap folly 2 f.Aggi Dukes
05. Lowkey – I’m Back (Dyson Remix)
06. Stig Of The Dump – Braindead f. RA The Rugged Man (Jehst Remix)
07. Skandal – Gluttony (Headspace Exclusive)
08. d.C. & Pennjamin- Fast Cars (Headspace Exclusive) DONE
09. Ben Black of The Delusionists – Supa Lyrical Excursion pt.2
10. Remus – Brap Brap f. Farma G
11. Brotherman & DJ Flipz – Born in the Ghetto
12. Yarah Bravo – Freedom Fighters
13. DJ IQ & Joker Starr – Sunshine
14. Oliver Sudden – C.C. for Life (Headspace Exclusive)
15. Tactical Thinking f. 3 Amigos, Jay Madden & Mic Dyson – Stampede (Lord Balrog Remix) (Headspace Exclusive)
16. Norrin Radd – Do You Understand f. Booda French (Mixed by Cross Bone T)
17. Juice Aleem – Hologram (Si Beggs Lost In The Hologram Mix) (Headspace Exclusive)
18. Obba Supa – Wet Dreams Over Nightmares (Headspace Exclusive)
19. Alphabetix – Slug Life f. Verbal Contact (Produced by Fidgit, mixed by Vice) (Headspace Exclusive)
20. Prose – Go On… (Headspace Exclusive)
21. JVF Clique – Flow Nutters (Headspace Exclusive)
22. Figment – Floor By Floor
23. Ty – Don’t Cry (Headspace Exclusive)
24. London Zoo – Piece of Mind (Jed Mix) (Headspace Exclusive)
25. Jack Flash – Harass The City (Headspace Exclusive)
26. Chima Anya – KOS (remix) (Cuts by DJ Slipdisc) (Headspace Exclusive)
27. Redbeard – Sick On My Jumpa f. Sonny Jim & Kosyne (Wizard Remix) (Headspace Exclusive)
28. Blacksmith & Jagos – Edge of Breakthrough (Headspace Exclusive)
29. Mystro – Maintain (Produced by Earth Hip Hop)
30. Genesis Elijah – I’m Doin It
31. Skuff & Inja – Sunnicide
32. Just Muz – Soulful Stuff

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