R.I.P. Fresh Cuts Radio

It’s official! After hosting & mixing my podcast ‘Fresh Cuts Radio‘ every month for close to 2 years, I’ve put the series on hold for the foreseeable future.

My reasons? well since last summer I’ve been putting out the monthly Droppin’ Science Show with fellow Droppin’ Science members Nickname & Daredevil. It seemed a bit silly curating enough good new hip hop releases for both shows, so now you can simply subscribe to the droppin’ science show to hear the cream of the latest hip hop, check here for more info.

I’ve managed to clock over 4500 subscribers to the show since April ’09, so it’s been a good run, all the shows are archived for you to listen to or download on my podomatic page.

I now have more time on my hands to create mixtapes of more diverse genres, I have love for all good music & when I’m spinning in clubs I play a wide variety of styles, & want to reflect that in my output. I will now use my existing podcast to regularly drop the listeners a more varied selection of mixes of different genres & themes, which brings me neatly to my next post…

Subscribe to my podcast via itunes here.
Subscribe to the Droppin’ Science Show here.

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