‘Everywhere + Nowhere’ Film Review

It’s not often you see a film in which the main character is a dj, one of my favourite hiphop-related movies Juice comes to mind, but that was way back in ’92!

Everywhere & Nowhere is a new british film from ‘Kidulthood‘ director Menhaj Huda starring relative newcomer James Floyd. Before shooting the movie James did his research by hanging out with myself & the Droppin’ Science crew, joining us on our podcast, taking notes at our night at vibe bar & getting a few dj lessons at our homes. We attended the premier this week & can report that he did a great job in the lead role, as did the rest of the excellent cast!

The verdict? an entertaining film with a dope soundtrack that deals with the pressures of a young British-Asian torn between his family traditions, his friends and his love for djing – we recommend you go check it out asap, it opens in cinemas this friday, check www.everywhereandnowheremovie.com to watch the trailer.

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