DJ Matman – 10 Minute 80’s B-Boy Megamix

I was recently commissioned by Urban Edge Promotions to create this 10 minute long mix of classic and well-known 80’s B-Boy tracks for a series of forthcoming live shows – I ended up going in on it pretty hard, every track on here is re-edited or remixed in one way or another! As usual with my mixes there is also a fair bit of juggling & scratching involved, but not too much as the focus here is on the dancers.

If you are a bit of a music geek you may notice I used the break from the UK hip hop classic ‘Untitled’ by Hardnoise in my remix of White Lines – if you really know your stuff you may even feel inclined to point out that ‘untitled’ was released in 1990, not in the 80’s, but guess what? I don’t care. Anyway, enjoy!

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01. West Street Mob – Break Dance (Electric Boogie) (Matman Re-Edit)
02. Newcleus – Jam On It (Matman Re-Edit)
03. Shannon – Let The Music Play (Matman Re-Edit)
04. Ollie & Jerry – Breakin’ There’s No Stoppin’ Us (Matman Re-Edit)
05. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – White Lines (Matman Remix)
06. Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) (Matman Re-Edit)
07. Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music (Matman Re-Edit)
08. Afrika Bambatta & The Soulsonic Force- Planet Rock (Instrumental)

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