Red Bull Thre3style’s Lucky Bastid Mix

Matman – Red Bull Thre3style’s Lucky Bastid by Dj Matman on Mixcloud

Here is my entry for the 2014 Red Bull Thre3style world final contest in Baku later this summer!

There was no UK final this year, but thanks to Red Bull & Mixcloud’s Lucky Bastid contest one person from each hemisphere of the globe has a chance to compete by uploading a 15 minute mix, judged by Canada’s Skratch Bastid. I only decided to give it a shot 4 days before the deadline! This is what I came up with…

In the spirit of the Thre3style competition my mix is aimed at big room party rocking, using an eclectic range of club banging music and a tonne of dj skills. I’ve incorporated Hip Hop, House, EDM, Dancehall, Rock (sort of), Twerk, DNB, Funk & Soul music – and included mashups, tone transitions, beat juggling, cue point drumming & sample manipulation, fx, looping, word play, and plenty of scratching!


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