Matman & Daredevil on Radio One / Toddla T Documentary ’10 Noises That Made Our Music’

Me and my brother Dj DareDevil were recently on a Radio One documentary talking about scratching, available to stream for the next 3 weeks via the BBC website.

Fast forward to around 33:36 mins in to hear me recount the tale of Grand Wizard Theodore’s discovery of scratching, and me and my bro talking about our early competitive days.


Official blurb:

BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra’s Toddla T goes in search of 10 noises that are found across the genre spectrum of contemporary music.

Whilst not claiming to be a definitive list, Toddla finds sounds that have crossed genres and others that have come to define a scene. We hear from Kanye West about his use of autotune, A Day To Remember about the power chord and DJ Premier talks about the 808 kick drum. Along the way Toddla collects each sound to take back to his studio and turn them all into a belter of a track that he might just possibly convince some of his Radio 1 and 1Xtra DJ colleagues to lay a vocal on top of!

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