DJ Daredevil Tribute Mix

One year ago today my brother Ben aka Dj Daredevil passed away, he is sorely missed. An extremely prolific producer, he left behind a huge archive of beats, tracks and remixes, many as yet unreleased. I put together this mix to showcase his talents and pay tribute to my bro – featuring original collaborations, remixes, DJ tracks, beats, excerpts from a 2016 interview and a whole heap of shout outs & dj drops I found on his hard drive (including a few intentionally dodgy celebrity impersonations recorded by Ben himself!) I squeezed a lot on here but it’s just the tip, look out for more Daredevil releases including an album dropping very soon…

Rest in peace bro, Love always  ❤️

Big thanks to Dubzoo for the interview audio. Massive big ups to all the artists featured.

Check Ben’s sound cloud page for full length versions of some of the tracks featured on the mix and more:

Check Ben’s DJ mixes here: and here:


01. DJ Daredevil ft. Akrobatik & Judge The Disciple – Bop 2 It (Daredevil Scratch Edit)
02. DJ Daredevil – A Thousand Old Records
03. DJ Daredevil – Secret Weapon
04. DJ Daredevil – Autumn In Hackney
05. Case ft. Foxy Brown & Mary J Blige – Touch Me Tease Me (DJ Daredevil Remix)
06. DJ Daredevil – Commodore
07. Phoenix Da Icefire & DJ Daredevil – Turning The Page
08. Dro Pesci + Ruste Juxx – Time Change (prod. DJ Daredevil)
09. Sean Price – Anderson Silva (DJ Daredevil Remix)
10. DJ Daredevil – The Pips
11. Ill Conscious – Represent To The Fullest (Prod. DJ Daredevil)
12. Ill Conscious – Represent To The Fullest Remix (Prod. DJ Daredevil)
13. DJ Daredevil – Sunshine
14. DJ Daredevil – 32 Bar Freestyle
15. DJ Daredevil – Half Steppin
16. Ralph Dog – Life Is Crazy (Prod. DJ Daredevil)
17. Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon – Daytona 500 (DJ Daredevil remix)
18. DJ Daredevil – Smooth B
19. DJ Daredevil – IXL
20. DJ Daredevil – Skeletor
21. DJ Daredevil – Funky
22. Dabrye ft. Doom – Air (DJ Daredevil Remix 1)
23. Dabrye ft. Doom – Air (DJ Daredevil Remix 2)
24. DJ Daredevil – Fading Fast
25. Ill Bill – Gangster Rap (DJ Daredevil Remix)
26. DJ Daredevil – The Wire
27. DJ Daredevil – [unknown]
28. Roc Marciano – Warm Hennessy (DJ Daredevil Remix)
29. DJ Daredevil – Haze
30. DJ Daredevil – Jazzy
31. DJ Daredevil – Ode To Dilla
32. C.A.M. – Act Like You Know (Prod. DJ Daredevil)
33. DJ Daredevil – This Is How It Should Be Done
34. Sean Price – Wat Now DJ Daredevil Remix (Daredevil cuts only Edit)
35. DJ Daredevil – Uncle Funk
36. Lupe Fiasco – Kick Push (DJ Daredevil Remix)
37. DJ Daredevil – Love
38. Janet Jackson – Someone To Call My Lover (DJ Daredevil Remix)
39. DJ Daredevil – Freak The Funk
40. DJ Daredevil – Party Beat 1
41. DJ Daredevil – Ghost
42. DJ Daredevil – 2003 UK DMC Set (excerpt)
43. DJ Daredevil – Slow Jam

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